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Affordable Videographer

Music Video Production with an Affordable Videographer

You spend so much time perfecting your craft and putting together some great music. You are ready to take your art into its visual form so people all over the internet can discover you. This means you need an amazing music video to accompany your newest track. The only problem is most videographers will charge you an arm and a leg just to talk to them. You need professional music video production with an affordable videographer, and that’s exactly what you get with Luke Walker Productions.

First off, we act like normal guys here at Luke Walker Productions. We aren’t a company that looks down on its clients and thinks we’re better than our clients. All we’re doing is bringing our skills to the table, matching them up with your skills, and creating some great content together. It’s a team when you choose Luke Walker Productions.

We are a small team of super talented and personable videographers. We got tired of the big-name production companies and the vibes that go into the workday there. With the big guys, you’re a number and they’re looking to finish the project as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next client. We’re the professionals that care about you. We get how much of your time and energy you put into your music, and we’ll match that energy when we offer our music video production services.

The other benefit of being a smaller crew, we can be a lot more competitive with our pricing. We will provide between 1 and 4 guys on our crew depending on your needs (we can bring way more if necessary, but we’ve found that 2-3 is usually plenty). This small crew means you get an affordable videographer for as long as the project takes.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you. Visit Luke Walker Productions to see some of the music videos we’ve put together and fill out a contact card to get the conversation started.

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